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News Release | Environment Maine

As Emissions in Maine and Northeast States Decline, Economic Growth Outpaces Nation

Maine and other northeast states successfully reduced global warming pollution over the last decade, while at the same time growing their economies—and did so faster than the rest of the nation, according to a new Environment Maine report released today.

News Release | Environment Maine

Record Support for New Carbon Standards in Maine

The Natural Resources Council of Maine and Environment Maine today announced that 16,615 Maine people were part of an unprecedented three million U.S. citizens who contacted the U.S. EPA in support of national standards to limit dangerous industrial carbon pollution from new power plants. 

News Release | Environment Maine Research and Policy Center

New Report: Extreme Downpours Snowstorms Up 74 Percent in Maine

Portland, Maine - One month after heavy rains led to record flooding that devastated Brownville and surrounding towns, a new Environment Maine report released today shows that extreme rainstorms snowstorms are happening 74 percent more frequently in Maine since 1948. 

News Release | Environment Maine

Electric Vehicles are Ready to Roll in Maine

With the right policies in place, plug-in vehicles can reduce oil dependence in Maine by more than 542,000 gallons per year, according to a new report released today by Environment Maine.

News Release | Environment Maine

Moms Petition Maine to Get BPA Out of Baby Food

Four months ago Maine moms decided to take matters into their own hands to protect their children from dangerous chemicals. Outraged by new test results showing that so much of the baby and toddler food on store shelves contains the toxic chemical BPA (bisphenol-A) they were determined to force a change in policy to get BPA out of baby and toddler food packaging in favor of safer alternatives.